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FC Canfield – Competitive Soccer FAQ’s 

1. How do I register / tryout?
Follow the instructions on the Competitive Section of the CSC webpage. Signups with be online –
CANFIELD does not like to cut players, but in some cases it unfortunately happens. We believe in community play until HS level when we encourage club play. Roster sizes for 10U and under will be 12, for 11U and 12U will be 15U and for 13U and above it is 18. Actual age brackets will be determined by the playing league each team affiliates with, GAASA, YAYSL, State and dependent on other community teams in a given age group. These are set by respective leagues and governing body Ohio North (OYSAN). We may have to combine age groups to field roster a full team or align with league age groups.

2. Can my child play for both Canfield and a Club Team?
…. The dual card limitation that was previously in effect from OYSAN has been eliminated for the 2015 season and the foreseeable future.  Players can dual card but this does require significant commitment from the player and parents.  We understand that conflicts may arise, but we expect players rostering on FC Canfield teams to make the same level of commitment they would to their club team.  Please work with your respective coach on conflicts.
3. What days and what time will practices be?
Practices will be two to three days per week and a game on Saturday and one on Sunday. Practices should last from 1.5 - 2 hours. Practices will follow the guidelines of footskills for the first 15-25 minutes, small group skill sessions followed by skilled games, team play and scrimmage. Each coach will develop a schedule based on available fields and times that work for his/ her team. Coaches should Consult the Vice President of Competitive for preferences.

4. Where will practices be?
Practices will be at Herbert Rd and cannot interfere with Summer Rec program.

5. How do I become a coach?
Contact Adam Kemp VP of Competitive, [email protected] (330) 402-1547
All coaches will need to be licensed to a U10/12 module or E License and higher.   More information can be found at Coaching Courses click on coaches.  Must complete course prior to August 1st.

6. When and where are the games?
CSC belongs to the multiple leagues. The regular season lasts 8-10 games played on Saturdays and Sundays. Usually there are 5 home games and 5 away games. Away games can vary depending on the specific league a team is in.  GAASA and State League could drive as far as 1.5 hrs away and YAYSL with the furthest away being Beaver Local or Lakeview. Most are close in Austintown, Boardman, Niles and Howland, etc.

7. Should my child play competitive?
If your son or daughter is u-15 or under and loves soccer, then yes you should bring your child to a tryout. We hate to cut kids and do so only in binding circumstances. Players will earn the right to play though.

8. How much will my child play?
Games are 50 minutes at 10U and under, 60 minutes at 12U and under and 70 minutes at 13U and above. We encourage play for all players of all skill levels and coaches do their best to adhere to the following guideline whereby players should play a minimum of 10 minutes per game at 10U, 15 minutes at 11U and 12U and 20 minutes at 13U and above. However, there are some circumstances where players may not play at all such as championship games or championship implication games. Players who generally are less skilled than others will see more playing times in games where the opponent is at that same skill level. If as a parent you disagree with the coaches critique of your son or daughters skill level please discuss this with the coach first, then the director of player and coach development if it is still not resolved. If you are still not satisfied arrange for the President to watch a home game and evaluate.

9. What if I am having problems with the coach?
Refer to Problem Resolution Policy Problem Resolution

10. Can I get a refund?
A written request must be made to Adam Kemp by July 26th to get a full refund. A written request must be made by August 15 to get a 50% refund.
There will be no refunds after August 15.

11. I don’t live in Canfield. Can I still play travel for CSC?
, Canfield Soccer Club / FC Canfield is open to surrounding communities. However, we want 75% of our rosters to be Canfield township or school district players. If there are open roster spots, more out of town spots may be filled. However, there will be no guarantee that those spots can be used the following year if more Canfield players sign up.

12. At what age can my son or daughter play competitive soccer?
Check out this age chart to see what age group your son or daughter should play in. age chart
A 7 year old can play 9U if their parent is on the coaching staff.

13. What uniform do we wear?
We have a standard uniform kit that is used for all competitive teams.  Uniforms are an additional cost not included with your registration fee.  It is important in keeping all girls and boys uniforms the same so when we share players across the club there is not an issue. The standard uniform is an all Adidas kit with (1) Home Jersey - Red, (1) Away Jersey - White, Black shorts, Block socks.  Generally uniform styles become obsolete by manufacturer after 2-3 seasons, which may require the purchase of new uniforms.  We will do our best to minimize costs to our families.  A black long sleeve Under Armor is required for use under shirts in colder weather.

14. Is it called FC Canfield or CSC?  FC Canfield is the competitive branch of Canfield Soccer Club.
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